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San Diego, November 9, 2018 – IntegrityWare, Inc. / nPower Software announces the release of a powerful, efficient new reverse engineering software product - Cyborg3D MeshToCAD.

Cyborg3D MeshToCAD - the impossible is now possible!

Cyborg3D MeshToCAD is a standalone software product that significantly improves the process of converting mesh geometry (scanned meshes, high poly meshes like ZBrush, and other meshes) into CAD geometry. Cyborg3D MeshToCAD is the latest product built on top of IntegrityWare's standalone Cyborg3D platform. Cyborg3D MeshToCAD is the perfect tool for converting scanned meshes into fully functional CAD (NURBS) models; with patent pending technology, Cyborg3D MeshToCAD is uniquely suited for converting even very large meshes into very accurate NURBS geometry. Cyborg3D MeshToCAD provides industry leading accuracy / model size; our proprietary technology produces a lightweight model, while capturing even the finest of details in the mesh surface. Where other systems fail to deal with large or detailed meshes, Cybrog3D's ground breaking addaptive technology solves even the most complex and difficult meshes. With Cyborg3D MeshToCAD, the impossible is now possible!

Mesh to CAD in minutes instead of days

Cyborg3D MeshToCAD allows the user to control the level of detail they want to preserve in the mesh. Scanned meshes are notoriously difficult to process and time consuming, but Cyborg3D MeshToCAD provides a full set of useful tools for detecting mesh issues and cleaning them up for accurate conversion. With its highly automated, efficient work flow, Cyborg3D MeshToCAD can quickly and easily process even very large mesh files (like the large, high poly mesh files often created by ZBrush or other high poly modeling products). Cyborg3D MeshToCAD produces high quality NURBS surfaces / solids, with G2 continuity along the edges. It produces STEP, IGES, or SAT files, which can be imported directly into virtually all CAD systems. Cyborg3D MeshToCAD is based on the very popular, Power Surfacing RE (Reverse Engineering) product for SOLIDWORKS®, with virtually the same set of tools (and the same underlying technology). Cyborg3D MeshToCAD is priced aggresively at $1,995.

For more information about Cyborg3D MeshToCAD, or watch a video tutorial, or to obtain a trial version, visit the Cyborg3D MeshToCAD web page.

nPower products can be purchased from the nPower web store (, or through certified nPower Software resellers throughout the world.


Cyborg3D is the exciting new standalone 3D modeling software platform that uniquely combines organic surface modeling (subdivision surfaces) with precise, parametric CAD (NURBS solids & surfaces) modeling. Cyborg3D is built using modern software architecture techniques (Object Oriented Modeling, C#, Managed Code, multi-threaded parallel processing, OpenGL, etc.). Its multi-threaded architecture is very well suited for dealing with large assemblies and compute intensive functionality. And its modern architecture makes the product very stable and much more easy to maintain and enhance. The strength of Cyborg3D comes from its unique, patented technology for converting between organic geometry and precise NURBS geometry, and for calculating and maintaining complex relationships between diverse types of geometry. Cyborg3D’s intuitive, easy to use interface simplifies the learning process, and empowers users to optimize their productivity. Because of Cyborg3D’s accurate conversion technology, it can process various formats from diverse 3D modeling systems; it can import and export CAD models (STEP, IGES, SAT) and mesh models (OBJ, STL).

Cyborg3D is based on IntegrityWare’s SOLIDS++ geometric modeling Kernel, a unique and powerful hybrid modeling system that supports Solids, Surface and Polygonal modeling. nPower modeling tools (Power NURBS, Solids, Translators) provide the highest order of surfacing, solids modeling, analysis, and tessellation technologies. In addition, Cyborg3D utilizes the new SubD-NURBS library product, which provides accurate conversion between Sub-D geometry and NURBS geometry.

nPower Software

Engineers, designers, architects, and artists from top companies around the world like Toyota, Boeing, Microsoft, Disney, SEGA, Blizzard Entertainment, Northrup Grumman, Sony, Honda, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Whirlpool, Blur Studio, Fisher Price, Gensler, Harley Davidson, Fox Sports, Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, Tiffany, BAE Systems, SolidWorks, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, HDR, Hewlett Packard and Cannon Equipment are optimizing their design throughput with nPower Software.

IntegrityWare, Inc.

IntegrityWare Inc. is a company that specializes in advanced geometric modeling solutions. Founded in 1996, IntegrityWare has been providing advanced modeling solutions to a growing base of customers building industry-leading solutions. The SOLIDS++ modeling kernel is an Object-Oriented Non-Manifold Modeling kernel that provides a comprehensive suite of geometry and topology tools for Solids Modeling, Surface Modeling, Curve Modeling, Polygonal Modeling and Non-Manifold Modeling. SOLIDS++ has been in development for about 20 years, with research and development of the most advanced modeling solutions. The SOLIDS++ kernel is currently licensed to developers needing to provide the most advanced geometric modeling functionality to their customers – such as Autodesk, MOI, Nemetschek, PTC, Photon Engineering, New River Kinematics, Bentley Systems, Tech Soft 3D, and Ford Motor Company.


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David Gill, President

Reverse Engineering meshes with Cyborg3D MeshToCAD
(Cyborg3D MeshToCAD Video)

Cyborg Image
Cyborg3D screen image (click to enlarge)

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee (click to enlarge)

Moose Antler
Moose antlers (click to enlarge)

Fox Skull
Fox skull (click to enlarge)

Dragon Ring
Dragon Ring(click to enlarge)

Napolean (click to enlarge)

Skull Ring
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