Full function 10 day evaluation version

$495.00 USD for single seat license

- Is your CAD system not giving the mesh you need for your down stream application?
- Do you need to produce "water tight" meshes for CAD models?
- Do you need precise control over the quality of polygonal mesh?
- Do you want to visualize the mesh produced by CAD objects and adjust the tessellation settings?
- Do you want to produce a Quad dominant mesh?

Cyborg3D CAD2Poly brings the amazing tessellation engine found in our 3DS Max, Maya and Modo products to the rest of the world. CAD2Poly is a standalone product that can be used to convert CAD parts and assemblies into high quality "water tight" meshes. CAD2Poly makes the processing of large assembly files a breaze with both multithreaded import and multithreaded tessellation. The newly developed Quad Tessellation Engine produces nice quad dominant meshes from CAD data. The tessellated meshs can be exported as either Wavefront OBJ files with normals and texture coordinates or simple triangular Stereolythography STL files. The CAD2Poly tessellation engine does an excellent job of producing:

1) Low polygon light weight meshes for streaming applications, virtual reality, game engines and other highly interactive applications

2) Medium quality meshes for fast visualization or interference and collision detection.

3) High quality meshes for analysis, manufacturing, 3D printing and photo realistic rendering.

4) Quad meshes for wireframe rendering overlays and SubD conversion.