Full function 10 day evaluation version

$995 USD for a single seat license

- Do you need to bring your subdivision surface models into a CAD system?
- Do you need to convert Z-Brush sculptures into CAD readable formats?
- Do you want to import polygonal models from Turbosquid or other polygonal model sites into your CAD software package?
- Do you wish that making organic shapes was quick and easy?

Cyborg3D SubD2CAD brings the powerful SubD to CAD conversion tools (found in our Power Surfacing add-in for SolidWorks and our Power SubD-NURBS plug-in for MODO) to the rest of the Sub-D design community. SubD2CAD is a standalone product that can be used to convert existing subdivision surface models into NURBS boundary representations (Breps) which may be exported to standard formats readable by all CAD systems.

The following workflows are supported by SubD2CAD:

1) Import, modify and convert a "Catmul Clark" subdivision surface (from SubD design programs, or from a model repository like to a CAD format See the Turbosquid Workflow video.

2) Import and convert high resolution (up to 6 million polygons) sculpted quadralateral meshes from ZBrush or other sculpting packages. See the ZBrush Workflow video.

3) Import, repair, shrink wrap with a quadrilateral mesh and convert high density triangular scanned meshes. See the ShrinkWrap Workflow video.

4) Design SubD models directly inside of SubD2CAD and then convert to a CAD format.  See the SubD Design Workflow video.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos to help you better understand Subdivision Surface (Sub-D) modeling. "Subdivision Surfaces: Overview" and "Subdivision Surfaces: Artifacts"